Views on Black Lives Matter

City Council Candidate's views on Black Lives Matter

Since I am running for City Council, and I am a legal, on the ballot candidate, I thought I should state my views on Black Lives Matter in regards to the community that I plan to represent. I like to get the facts before proceeding forward with decisions. I'm not interested in hype, popular opinion as seen through the lens of political correctness, nor adopting a view that may exist somewhere else, but may not fit the facts in our community. However, how the BLM movement focuses on defunding police has become questionable. A recent Gallup Poll clarifies that Black Americans want the existing same presence of police 61% of the time. They want increased police presence 20% of the time and less presence 19% of the time (Gallup 8/5/2020) . If this holds true for our black community, which is reported as less than one percent, then we have a very small amount of residents who want less police presence. However, these percentages may not accurately represent the sentiments of those within South Lake Tahoe. The only way to get a more accurate, truthful view of the police by Black residents, would be to ask them personally, neighbor to neighbor, "What is your experience of living here in South Tahoe regarding law enforcement?" As a future councilman, I plan to listen primarily to the real, live person who lives here and not the hyped propaganda! In the past I have found honest conversations between neighbors to be quite informative. I plan to do the same in the future. I want to know what is happening now, right here, to my neighbor in regards to this issue! Not Portland!