It is apparent to me that there is an automatic assumption that if a person has anger, that he must have a valid reason to be angry. If he looks like he is ready to explode into some kind of uncontrollable rage, resulting in behavior such as assault or property destruction, he is assumed to have justifiable, reasonable causes. Not so in the past civility of America. Rage was considered to be an evil which would always lead to negative consequences such as broken bones or jail! Therefore, anger resulting in rage was socially discouraged to the point that rage was considered a possible sign of mental illness at worse, and at best a form of immaturity from a lack of self control. Not now! Rage and anger are held as justifiable due to a presumed act of wrong against the rager. Riots are considered, by some, to be a positive behavior leading to positive, healthy social reform. I do not believe this. Continual rage is a product of the world's philosophy of endeavoring to change other peoples behavior through fear and intimidation. This rage is never satisfied. It demands the "pound of flesh". Those who partake think that when they get their "justice, their pound of flesh" that they will be satisfied. But the demon of rage hardly ever finds solace. The demon merely searches out another issue to rage over. Today, racism, tomorrow the rage riot will choose another scapegoat, an excuse, to rage and destroy!