Questionnaire of Good Government Advocate-Leonard Carter's views

1. Will you support City government taking whatever steps are needed and legal to ensure that public agencies (i.e. State and Federal) with vacant lands inside the city limits remove dangerous fuels from them as an urgency matter to avoid catastrophic fire? __x___YES _____NO

Answer: The City is delinquent in this regard as much as any other government agency! Also, how about City residences that are way over stocked with flammable trees. Does anybody want to address the many camp fires that the fire department puts out that are started by the homeless?

2. Do you support a policy that would prohibit telecoms from placing 112-foot cell towers and cell facilities in residential areas? ___x__YES _____NO

3. Do you support City government setting priorities for expenditure of available City

revenue and then living within its means? __x___YES_______NO

Answer: This is a major issue in that the City has too many items as priorities without rating these as first, second, third and so forth and then addressing them in this fashion. The result is that the item with the most emotion ends up taking precedence. This is running the City where, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” style! I believe this is why road maintenance is

behind. Most every candidate states roads are a top priority but fail to act in accordance

with their stated preferences. This prioritizing for expenditures is a major priority of mine!!

4. Will you support placing the proposed Loop Road/ Redevelopment and Housing Project by TRPA and TDD on a City ballot to determine if City voters support ( as an advisory measure ) the project before the City Council takes any steps to approve it or allow it in the City limits? _x____YES_____NO

Answer: The only reasonable forward step at this time with such a divisive issue as the loop road.

5. Will you support South Lake Tahoe City Council appointing knowledgeable City residents to a newly formed Quality Affordable Housing Committee to come up with ideas for addressing the needs of existing City residents for quality and affordable housing? _____YES __x___NO

Answer: This is a soft NO. I want more definition of what this committee does and how it is put together before I give a yes. Too many committees end up being just another program to give assistance to people who need to step up to the plate. I believe that often dependency and sloth is the result of too many social programs. How many existing units have private/public rent or purchasing assistance already? Are we subsidizing so that business can receive cheap labor? Will this committee be stacked?

6. Will you promise to conduct all City business in public to the greatest extent allowed under the Law and not permit secret City subcommittee meetings that are closed to the public and media?

_x____YES _____NO

Point: Interesting how we want open, no secret meetings, yet many subcommittees may be the secrete meeting that lends weight to the final decisions!

7. Do you support the City Council strengthening the City’s campaign contribution disclosure rules to ensure that the source of all campaign contributions for City Council candidates or local City initiatives and referenda in whatever amount be publicly disclosed?

Answer: YES, just to keep candidates honest.

8. Do you support defunding or substantially reducing funding for the South Lake Tahoe Police

Department? _____YES _X____NO WAY

Answer: Any adjunct policies for using other programs, such as mental health workers or social workers is to be paid in addition to the present funding levels of the police.

9. While protecting our precious environment, do you support making City government and

regional government more business friendly? _x____YES ______NO

Answer: How much more friendly can we make it without just plain subsidizing private business. I am a capitalist and the City Council should be favorable toward business in general.

Would you support an aggressive City/County initiative to bring back KCRA News 3 to local

television programming by Spectrum? ___x___YES_______ NO

Answer: Yes, but I am not familiar with exactly what this will take. But this seems to be a high priority with most constituents. So I would definitely push this item!

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