I am announcing my candidacy for City Council for the upcoming election. Two years ago, the people of South Lake Tahoe voted in three new council members in the belief that the City Council would have new ideas and be more aware of what the City needed. My observations after sitting through the City Council meetings for the last eight months is that the Council has improved immensely, and I intend to be part of this continued forward movement. I’ve been impressed with the Council’s willingness to listen to all constituents and render a progressive and well-thought-out decision (this does not mean I agreed with every decision). I am running with the belief that I will continue to point the City on this path toward positive results for the future. I’m not a politician. I’m a citizen who has decided to step forward to do something rather than just be frustrated. I have lived in South Tahoe for the past 32 years and followed local politics mostly through common media sources and of course around town verbal discourse. I’ve seen the public become frustrated because they believe they have not been listened to. I will listen to all sides of an issue. Since I am retired, I plan to listen attentively to the public and schedule lengthy hours, per week, for walk-in communication. I want you to feel free to discuss your City concerns and I promise to listen and return your calls.

What are my concerns regarding South Lake Tahoe? First, I am concerned with the condition of our roads. My understanding is that this City was originally incorporated in order to care for public safety and the streets due to what was considered County negligence. Today our streets are in poor condition, and yet it appears that a token nod is given to this issue. How did roads, originally placed at the top in priority, get shoved off to the side! Second, the loop road needs to be planned in a pragmatic way that prioritizes the purposes of the project from the most important down to those items that need to be considered but cannot become the driving issue. From talking to others and what I have read, the loop road is somewhat of a free for all because a primary goal has been lost in all the secondary issues that have arisen. And since the voters, through an initiative said they wanted to vote on the project, the Council should make that happen. Third, I'm a fiscal conservative. I seldom accept an answer that a new tax is needed for a problem. My position is that lazy politicians use this tactic rather than genuinely doing what is needed in order to not financially burden the constituency. I use a fine-toothed comb to go through budgets.

Here is a brief bio:

A Master’s degree in Divinity (doesn't make me divine!)/A.A. Liberal Arts and studied Forestry at Northern Arizona University.

Director for a Non-profit Foster Home agency in Northern Nevada (ten years),

Certified by TRPA as a Best Management Practices (BMP) for home retrofit (nine years), Retired in 2015.

Married for 41 years and raised three daughters right here in South Lake Tahoe.

Over the following months, I hope to get to know your ideas and I hope once you get to know me that I can be a good common-sense representative for you and your families.


Leonard Carter,

Phone: 530-318-3648

E-mail: cartercouncil20@yahoo.com