Are we a culture of fear?

Have we in South Lake Tahoe become a culture of fear? In my opinion, yes! I read many news headlines each day and the preponderance of a doomsday theme is constant. I believe we have become so fear driven that unless the article has a fear factor we are less likely to read the article. Therefore, the mass media loves to declare that the sky is falling in order to get the reader to first, read their article, and second be persuaded to their way of thinking. Everything from Covid-19, climate change, eco-implosion, chance meteor hitting the earth, to the other political party winning the election will effectively cause the extinction of mankind, or at least alter the earth to where it will be so horrible that you will wish you were dead! No wonder why Gretta Thornburg can't sleep. Just a side question here. Could all this negative fear mongering have something to do with a significant rise in teen/young adult suicide over the last sixty years? (Teen suicide was close to zero in the fifties.) Many adults are arguing over, not whether there will be a human life ending event, but whether it is in the next ten or twenty years! Then there are the scientists who join the dire prediction train promoting models that give predictions of overpopulation and pollution genocide to scare everybody even more. What is the hype concerning politics? If the opposing candidate wins, for sure we will all go into an Orwellian existence where we all become zombies for the State! My answer to all those living in the doomsday fear mode, often used for social engineering, is a quote from the US president Franklin D Roosevelt during World War II, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!" I refuse to be handicapped by fear! Fear can become such a driving force, causing mental disease, that it disallows a person from making rational decisions! Then the individual and the society of fear, as a whole, comes apart! Is South Lake Tahoe beginning to operate on a basis of fear? I maintain that some local politicians will exploit what fear exists in our community, in order to further their agenda, to the detriment of a healthy South Lake Tahoe. Vote Leonard Carter for South Lake Tahoe City Council, I strive for truth and refuse to go with fear driven agendas.