I like to take sayings, proverbs, cliches, pithy quotes and explore their meaning and how they may apply in general or to an actual modern incident. So below is the start of what I hope is inspiring and leads one to consider reality in relationship to your personal world view.

There is no commitment by this author to creating a thought each and every day.

8/21/20 I am writing a brief history of the 32 years in Tahoe. See that for more scintillating

personal information to be used only for positive, warm remarks and thoughts concerning me! Hopefully, you have figured out that somewhere I do have a sense of humor!

8/29/20 THE theme of violence continues to haunt me. Possibly due to the continual news of continual violence in Portland and Kenosha, as well as other places. I'll just let you ponder this proverb. "Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence." Proverbs 10:6

8/2420 I feel compelled to write a thought for the day, so I am asking myself why this proverb, below, stands out in my mind. Lately I find that the sayings that deal with anger captivate me due to a society that appears to have more anger than before (Portland, etc.). Also my conviction that anger produces more anger that is ultimately destructive. When I interpret behavior as anger, I believe destruction of some kind is close behind! This three thousand year old proverb caught my eye. "Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the bosom of fools." Ecc. 7:9. Enough said!

Julius at Snow Lake with the author.

8/14/20 Today's thought comes from a discussion with my guest and friend, Julius. Julius is from Ghana, Africa, but has lived in the U.S. more than half the time for the last ten years. My question of him was, what immediately stood out to you that is negative in the U.S.? His response was we are way to touchy! We respond to insignificant information way too emotionally! Case in point is the mispronunciation of "Kamala" Harris, by a news reporter and then by Joe Biden. Some news outlets went on a tangent about how this was horrible and disrespectful. Really!? This is substantive material to rant and rave about? An actual article making a big deal about a name mispronunciation? I'm beginning to believe many of my fellow citizens no longer possess a mind that can distinguish sound information from poor information. In other words, general wisdom has diminished in the U.S. I agree with Julius, many Americans are way over the line in their emotional response to non-issues. They make mountains out of less than mole hills!

8/11/20 Friedrich Nietzsche said, "If there is no God, there can't be anything wrong with trying to grab power over other people. The people in this world who protest against power plays are themselves simply trying to get power over the people who have more power over them, and they're doing it through their protest."

In other words, under the rubric of fairness, protesting can be merely a quest for power.

When is it an honest desire for fairness and when is it just a play for "power over others"?

In this world view, there is just one tyrant being replaced by another tyrant. It is a constant play for power where there is always a looser who is enslaved. Sounds like Marxism to me!

8/10/20 "Scoffers set a city on fire, but the wise turn away wrath." Prov. 29:8

Wow! Sounds like Portland, Oregon to me! But what is a scoffer? One who does not listen to any other view, and is only interested in his own goals no matter what the cost. He scoffs at any notion that he deems contrary to his own determined rational. The end result is that he destroys rather than builds (city on fire). But the end result of the wise is the avoidance of wrath that has the power to produce destruction. So, what is the actual fruits of your resolve? Setting the city on fire (Portland anarchists) or the lessening of wrath (desire for truth to actually lessen racism)?