The Unpolitician

Sun, Jul 19 at 4:14 PM

Unacceptable Duplicitous Behavior

My pragmatic mind looks at the recent George Floyd riots in our cities, and as usual, I am astounded with the contrast of how our society and press view the participants, the two sides, in rioting demonstrations recently in our cities. 

Peaceful demonstrations as stated by the constitution I have no problem with, even if I disagree with the position of the demonstrators.   However, there are two sides to the action in these riots.  On one side we have the so called keepers of the peace.  Usually they have gone through some academy, possibly taken some training in what I'll call demonstration control.  But here is where I find the insanity in what is expected of these persons in comparison to the rioters.  They are expected to have sky high moral character and never lose their emotional control!  No matter what happens they are expected to stay the course, They must be self disciplined to obey every nuance of the law, or risk law suites or job termination. On the other side are those who exhibit no training in conjuction with civility and don't appear to care about civility.  They seemingly have rights to spit, with impunity and uncontrolled rage in the faces of those with the job of peace keeping or anybody who does not agree with their agenda,  Verbal abuse appears to be protected speech as they scream obsenities or speak the most vile words at the peace keepers and others.  They verbally bait the peace keepers in what appears to be a scheme to create some type of legitimacy to riot.  It appears to be legitimate to threaten peace keepers with bodily harm and use terror tactics in threatening their family members.  And somehow these individuals claim they are for a more just and civil society!   They claim to be people who are moral, upright and are the architects of fairness and righting historical wrongs!  There is no justification to make claims for equality and then demonstrate hate and legitimize assault on anybody regardless of race or what uniform one wears. 

Martin Luther King Jr. longed for the day when a man would be judged by their moral character. I don't think he had foul language used on ones adversary in mind when he spoke of peaceful dissent.

This seeming accepted duplicity, as illustrated by this unacceptable contrast will lead to much harm and destruction! In regards to the behavioral evidence, who is really the civilized and civilizing influence in regards to the peace keepers or the rioters? The evidence by behaviors is clear!  

April 6 The corona virus has taken over my life!  And from the media and what I see in the Tahoe environment the virus is dictating what goes on in your life to a large degree also.  I should be skiing three times a week.  Instead I mostly sit home and read or I wear a funny mask to go to the grocery store!  Looks like the corona is reshaping the goals of the South Lake Tahoe City Government!  Who knows what will be the main items of concern by the time elections come this November. But I have experienced tough times in the past so I look forward to the challenge! April 12 It's Easter and I celebrated with my wife, Janet, with Sierra Community Church on line!  Not the usual celebration with Church family.  But it will have to do in these corona times! Speaking of trying times, Barton Hospital is all geared up for a wave of patients who test positive, that I pray will never materialize. Many kudos to Dr. Clint Purvance and his health care team for their quick and dedicated preparation. I consider myself a positive person with realistic leaning  tendencies.  I am believing that we will get through this pandemic with a minimum of pain.  However, realistically, I am aware that some of our citizens will face further life changing circumstances.  May we as a community arise to the occasion to bare part of their burden. April 14 Hello, and I hope you are all having a great day staying home.  I'm personally bored and tired of living in a bubble.  The Governor should allow each County to assess with common sense, its own situation as to how likely the Corona virus may grow.  Those counties off the beaten path with no cases at all, such as Modoc, Lassen, Trinity, Mariposa and Sierra should have all restrictions lifted immediately!  If Corona  cases shows a comeback then let the health department and County officials take common sense action!  Those Counties with one to four active cases should seriously consider reducing immediately the restrictions in a common sense fashion.  Instead emotional and economic hardship will continue for those counties where the degree of restrictions is not needed!  The "one size fits all", for a state with our diversity upon the declaration of the Governor lacks common sense.  It is also a rejection of the intelligence of those elected to care for their own people.  Why have City Councils and County supervisors and departments of health if they are dictated to by a far away State Government that is unfamiliar with the conditions of our community?  As for South Lake Tahoe, common sense tells us that being a tourist town has its unique set of issues concerning the pandemic.  But I can assure you that many towns and Counties, such as those mentioned above, should not have been  restricted to the degree they were and they deserve an accelerated release from those restrictions. April 15 Hello, from your unpolitician running for south Lake Tahoe City Council.  According to the most  up to date records, we only have 7 active Covid-19 cases in the whole El Dorado county!  No figures were given for South Lake but my common sense perception is that we have 3 or 4 at most active cases!  Spring has sprung and young people and their families want out of the house and to enjoy the fresh air.  i went down to Baldwin beach a few days ago and everybody was staying 14 or more feet from each other as we passed on the access road.  So what does the US Forest service do for all of us that obey the distancing rules to Excess!  Prohibit us from going into woods and the beach on Forest Service Land!  We are down to less than half the high amount of active Covid cases in South Lake and get rewarded with FURTHER RESTRICTIONS!!  Though I am fighting my inclination that  Government officials might abuse their power positions, these further restrictions in the face of drastically falling Covid activity seems to indicate power over reaching! April 15 Hello, from your unpolitician running for South Lake Tahoe City Council.  My unscientific observation is that the elders in the community tend to be wearing masks and politely practicing distancing.  The younger the person, the less masks i see, distancing observed stores and on the street, but few observed rules with their friends.  I observed a pick up basket ball game where there was a lot of body bumping going on.  With the rush of Spring energy the younger the person, the less following of government restrictions! April 22 WISE PROGRAMMING FOR A RETURN TO NORMALCY. Hello to all my friends from the unpolitician running  for South Lake Tahoe City Council.  Today I will give my ideas on how the State should implement my program for returning to normalcy. First and for most, institute a program similar to Tennessee.  Tennessee said to all the counties other than the five Counties with the  most cases, be wise and your locality can implement the procedure or program tor reopening as you choose.  The State will give special attention to those individual Counties with the most active cases to facilitate a reduction in cases towards reopening.  South Dakota did a similar procedure and has done quite well.  What would this look like in California?  Obviously, those counties with few active cases, or no active Covid-19 cases, could implement a reasonable reopening procedure, with reasonable choices should a surge or second wave begin.  Such Counties as Los Angeles and Santa Clara would be given State priority and aid to cope with, and implement their individualized goals toward reopening.  My guess would be that Counties with no active cases, or say shrinking active cases, would go to merely distancing and voluntarily wearing masks, say when they hit 10 or less present active cases. 

Governor Newsom is the normal controlling politician who thinks that those elected officials at county and City levels are not intelligent enough to make wise choices!  He will cause more pain and hardship by waiting for Los Angeles to get a grip before he allows any progress in reopening marginally effected Covid-19 Counties.  This is the insufferable ignorance of top down diplomacy from power hungry, prideful and one size fits all politicians!  Give freedom to the locals to govern themselves!  we do  not need Big Brother! April 27 HOPE all of you out there had a great Sunday!  I enjoyed the day in so many ways.  Took a walk with the wife, enjoyed the Church sermon on line, finished planning for the new water feature, and caught up on the Covid-19 information.  The latest statistics, or should I say the culmination of the statistics of ratios of deaths to population size is that Corona virus is in the statistical realm of the flu.  Asymptomatic cases are also in the statistical realm of the flu.  So, why are the power centers continuing to be so careful about relaxing restrictions on society?  Because the power brokers are more concerned with saving themselves politically than really following where the science leads them.  Time to open the  stores, the camp grounds, casinos and beaches!  Let's breathe again and live as free as we did before this whole pandemic began.