Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Usually, I talk about myself, with someone who doesn't know me, by finding common areas of interest or experiences.  "Oh, you visited Yellowstone park, so did I. What did you find interesting?  Was it fun?  Then, after they share their experience, I share mine and we get to know one another. There is no guessing, we have shared ideas.  Second guessing what you would find interesting, or insightful in regards to the "unpolitician" seeking a political position is difficult.  So I will try to give you two insights that I think will allow you to see into my every day thinking and my political thinking process.  First, why do I call myself the "unpolitician".   


I am the "Unpolitician" because I have not ever sought an office and usually avoid quasi-political committees or organizations.  I am your true arm chair political quarterback who understands the game but is satisfied, usually, to sit back and analyze from the comfort of my home!  So what has motivated me to come forth?  Mostly, because these are trying, radical times! 


As I sit through many City Council meetings (and now listen on line), I question whether some lines of thinking are really for the betterment of the city, or just mindless political correctness for crowd pleasing purposes?  I believe that I can add a voice to better define who, why, what, when and where the City needs to consider action.  


Take for instance, a process prescribed by the State Government to "require" the City to produce affordable housing.  Now, I am NOT categorically against affordable housing!  My foundational question is whether housing in our City is within the legal jurisdiction of the State, interjecting the State's will into our land use plans?  The answer came, I believe, when the spokesperson for the State was asked about non-compliance to the State's will.  The response was a veiled threat that there was the "possibility" of rejection of State funding for future projects for will-full non-compliance. 


My pragmatic, law-and-order brain deduced very quickly that this response likely means the State is on very weak, or non-existent constitutional legal grounds for this program.  I do not like governments of any kind throwing their weight around without clear legal grounds for what they desire the people do!  To do so is a form of tyranny.  I believe, I ask the questions that are not usually thought of or asked, by those with a common political mind set.  Therefore I am not the usual politician, I am the unpolitician.  


Second, based on my world view,  I believe that often there is wisdom that builds and does not destroy.  This wisdom is found in old proverbs some call wise sayings.  I believe there is wisdom and that there is folly.  That the fruit of folly is destruction.  Three thousand years ago a wise statement (some call it social law) stated , "Do not bear false witness".  A simple explanation of this statement is, do not make the situation something it is not.  Don't make the situation larger or more important than it is, and do not make it less than it is.  The tendency of all human nature is to minimize or enlarge a situation in order to further one's own ends.  I endeavor to see each situation clearly and weight it accurately, abstaining from personal benefit. This, supports, and I am sure that most will agree, that I am not the usual, 2020, politician.     


In closing, let me say that I have found the existing council members to be admirable individuals and I have more times than not agreed with their final outcome on an issue.  However, I believe, that my participation as a City Council member will continue and improve the City's existing positive forward momentum!  I have no ax to grind!